Post JETLAG November 2007

Paris is wonderful so far. I'm having an amazing time and have already been hired so many places that I've allowed myself to quit three separate jobs already.  Not too shabby for only my second week.

Finally moved into my own place. A small one bedroom in the 11th that I stayed in this summer and although it's only temporary (on loan from a fellow Canadian for 2 weeks), I can see myself living here. Having some of my favourite French people over for dinner tonight for a traditional Canadian dinner and therefore, I am making fajitas because methinks the French won't likely dig Kraft Dinner and Maple Syrup.

The first two weeks were rough. Finding an apartment is a huge task here, but we've secured a great place until the end of May. It's small - a one bedroom - but we're going to make it work. It's really lovely and the owner is super. Hoping she might be able to get me a job at the Hyatt which would be not too shabby non plus!

Still smoking, though trying to cut back but it's hard here. Will be easier when we're forced to go outside.

What else? Oh man, the Catacomb Party!  Best night ever.  It was like an episode of the Amazing Race. Terrifying but exhilarating and a million dollar prize has got nothing on the rush of seeing an unknown Paris.  As we dug underground through little holes with water up to our thighs, we crawled through the underbelly of Paris, scaling walls, following abandoned railways, and squeezing our bodies and our booze through walls this close to caving in.  Good thing I polished off a mickey of Jameson before entry, though or there was no way. Even wore a light on my head. Funny, though, never been trapped at a party before, strange feeling.   Great jazz, a little Bob Marley though and Dark Eyes which made me think of Anna in her sequin dress at Le Petit Déjeuner making me unbelievably happy.

Ryley and I are forcing ourselves to speak French even though it's only the two of us most days which is slightly humiliating but oh so fun as well. Nanny-ing a little for a lovely little Australian family. They live in a gorgeous apartment by the Metro Malesherbes. It's so nice to have this big place to myself during the day. The youngest girl, Matilda, is only 10 months so she sleeps a lot and later today we're going to go shopping at the market. Should be nice.

Excited for Chasen to arrive already. Trying not to drink too much in the interim. Saving myself for my pal, holding out for Hemmingway.  Isn't that sweet? Ryley had a funny realization the other day, though, which was that when you don't drink feel really weird. :)

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at my favourite cafe on the end of my street (Au Chat Noir) where I had my infamous debaucherous evening this summer. We just read all day and I drank Allongers with Baileys. Just divine. After dinner, we decided to go to the cinema to see Un Baiser S'il Te Plait. Hilarious. Nice evening. If only I were dating someone other than Ryley! :)

I have been invited for Christmas Eve dinner with Romain's family and I guess I am going to go because he just won't have it any other way. All I want to do is stay home and read Dickens but he says no one should spend Christmas alone and he has agreed to marry me for a Green Card so I suppose I will go.  Ou pas.

I've got a date on Wednesday to go to a cool Jazz bar in the Latin Quarter and have already found a piano to practice on.  La vie en rose.

I'm finally getting used to those double kisses so BISOUS!

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