I am going to have a bank account. February 2008

So, I know that the fact that my biggest stresses at the moment are probably annoying most of you. I am doing what I want and I am where I want to be, having the adventure I was hoping for, but the complications had put a strong damper in the whole ordeal until just now.

Last night I found a room that Elsa and I can share until the end of May, and possibly through that also another place for Ryley and Chasen to take over in the meantime near Pigalle. We’re going to check it out today and fingers crossed, the hardest part of my return is over and I can get back to life.

Feeling more bipolar than ever, myself. Working hard at finding a balance but discovering that the inbalance might be what’s keeping me adroit a ce moment.

Tonight I start a new job as an extra in a fancy restaurant in the 17th. They pay in cash and it should cover my deposit on the apartment no problem. Our new place is right by the parc, exactly where I wanted to live in Paris in the first place. Not far from Michael’s either which will be nice. He has really shown me around the hood and I love it. It’s a little quieter, a little more laid back and out of the hustle and bustle. I know that’s partly what Paris is about but I am looking for calm Sunday mornings and empty cafes, not rue Montregeuil and Les Halles. I like to visit these places but I like to feel at home in a sweet Parisian room with my friend. I am really looking forward to it. No more privacy than before mais ca va! Elsa and I are on pretty opposite schedules so I think it will feel like having a room to ourselves which will be nice too. Though I will miss her! :)

What else? Oh, the bank account. This has been a stress of mine since arriving in Paris. Before I was legal, I couldn’t open one or get a carte bleu or rent a goddamn movie. The girl, Anne Claire at the new apartment is writing me a letter this weekend which means all I have to do is show up et voila…I am now a resident of Paris. Crazy. It’s finally sinking in. I live here. I have a life here, friends, a job (or six) and just when you think it’s all about to fall apart, somehow it comes together in the most beautiful way, to the most beautiful music and you’re surrounded by faces that make you walk down the rues, smile ear-to-ear, sticking out like a sore thumb but feeling good about it all. It’s a good day here in Paris.

So a lot of changes in the near future. Chasen’s off to Abu-Dabi for a trip for a week or two, in that time we may move out of our little pied-a-terre here near Sentier. Moving out of the Masion de Bonheur might be a little sad but here, often change means some new adventure so I’m all for it. It’s crazy how many times I have moved in the past couple months but kind of exciting exploring a new neighbourhood every few months. I am getting a feel for the city and a partial sense of direction and that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something in being here.

Yesterday I spent the day at home, calmly writing to a mix Chasen made for me, drinking coffee and smoking Sorbaines…Ryley’s lovely cocktail cigarettes in between boules of shit & Thai tobacco. The three of us met for a couple beers by Jaures and sat by the canal enjoying the evening. Afterwards, Ryley’s friend Olivier came over and we all had dinner together and joked around until we were so exhausted we all drifted asleep. Well, except for the intermittent pillow fight between Chasen and I because he pinched me and I believe he deserves to be punished for such a crime.

Great week. Too bad I didn’t get to see Teo while he was here but frankly, I didn’t even have the time. Tant mieux I say.

Miss you all. Hope things are working out in a similar fashion on your side of the planet! :) Wherever that side is…

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